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He May Not Be Eating Your Brain but He’s Salting Your Arm

In the movies, when a person gets bitten by a zombie, the victim has a bit of time before they turn.  It’s as if the writer gives the character this time to appreciate the person he was, come to terms with the person he is and readily accept and prepare for the monster he is about to become.  I call this the “in-between” stage.

Beer Bar, located at 200 Park Ave, is full of guys in the “in-between stage”.

This lovely midtown bar is chop full of guys DESTINED to become corporate zombies and it is very easy to spot if you know what to look for.

You can break down a working New York male into three different categories; the guy who has a job but maintains his social life without sacrificing either, the guy who used to have a social life but is putting bits and pieces of it by the wayside for the daily grind and then finally the full-blown workaholic.

I’ve already discussed the full-blown workaholic at a bar (click for a refresher https://singlegirlsguidetonewyork.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/hell-love-his-job-and-youll-love-the-drinks/) but the “in-between” guys can be easily confused with the first category of the working New York male.

Both groups of men immediately take off their blazer when seated.  Both loosen their ties with extreme urgency.  My personal favorite is the way both groups carefully roll up their long sleeves, making them even without even looking. Honestly, there is nothing more attractive than a guy in a suit that doesn’t act like “the guy in the suit”.

However, the similarities really stop there.  The first category of working males will glance up at the female clientele and make their way to her.  If they don’t, they at least get caught staring a few times causing the poor girl to have to do all the work.  The “in-between” boys don’t.  They glance every so often but seem to be in such deep thought about their morning meeting, they forget that happy hour is supposed to be HAPPY.

When the “in-between” guys are with a huge group, sometimes there is a girl mixed in.  If they are “together”, you won’t know it except for the occasional smile.  That’s because he’s sitting by himself, staring up at the group, with his mind still on work.

Though you will probably leave there without a promise of a date (and if you do BEWARE because dating an in-between who turns into a workaholic will make you want to give up on dating altogether) Beer Bar does have other things to offer.

Don’t forget that getting a date during happy hour is great but getting a drink is even BETTER.  The drinks are unbelievably strong (just be wary of the prices since there is no happy hour deal there) and they give you enough FREE snacks that you really don’t need to order any food from the menu.

It’s a cozy, convenient after work spot that is great for gabbing with the girls are bringing your work buddies to.  Unfortunately, the chances of finding a future boyfriend there are slim to none.


Where Have All The Good Ones Gone?

A few weeks ago I heard a news report that made all New York single girls breathe a sigh of relief and plan their next girl’s night out.  The long-standing belief that there are more single women than single men in New York is a myth.  At 27, and my biological clock constantly ringing in my ears, I jumped for joy and began to prepare for another journey into the New York dating wilderness.

Here is the ugly truth about New York; it is a cesspool of men that will make your skin crawl, cause you to consider buying stock in the Kleenex company, wonder how far up your potential guy can get up his bosses’ ass and have you running to your local library to compare your new guy to Oedipus.

However, like the hunt for the needle in the haystack, I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE there HAS to be a guy that won’t have me or any of the females in New York planning their stay at the local convent.

Where are all the Ryan Goslins that break up fights in the middle of the street?  Can anyone point me in the direction of the Matt Damons that have a brilliant career but still manage to have a wife and adorable children?  Lord, can you please shine a light on where my very own Adam Levine has been hiding?

With that said, I’m really not sure where Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha found all their attractive dates but it certainly isn’t in any of the places I’ve ventured to.  I’m almost positive you single girl’s haven’t found them where you are going either.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if there was an honest review of places where are a girl can go to find a potential Mr. Right?

That’s where this blog comes in.  I am going to spare you the trauma of going to a really nice place to find that the possible Mr. Right Nows that frequent that place will have more in common with your dad then they ever would have with you.

Each week I will review one or several haunts in the city and post them here.  Yes, I’ll be sure to describe the decor, the drink prices, etc.  More importantly, I’ll review the kind of guys that go there because life is WAY too short to waste months on someone who is more interested in his suit than the color of your eyes.

Feel free to suggest places I can write about and any feedback is greatly appreciated.  For a more in-depth look into what dating disasters this other little experiment will lead me to, please follow my sister blog somuchforthefairytale.wordpress.com