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Drinks, Men and Girl’s Night Out

The first thing you’ll notice when entering this Midtown hotspot is the sleek and sexy atmosphere.  A dimly lit room greets you the moment you step off the entrance staircase.  Leather booths align the walls, providing an intimate setting with your date, your friends, or the cute guy by the bar you’ve been eyeing.

Even the dark corners seem to be made for quick mini rendezvous between you and your boyfriend before heading back to your mutual friends.

Yes, La Biblioteca is aesthetically pleasing and, with their happy hour specials (eight- dollar frozen margaritas, six-dollar wine and four-dollar beers between five and seven), you absolutely can’t go wrong.  Almost.

The first time I went to this bar it was for a friend’s birthday.  I was able to find a booth in the already crowded bar and my little group of three began indulging in drinks.

As I sat there I noticed all the attractive men there.  Looking around you can see some, in their perfectly tailored suits, leaning against the bar as they wait for the lead photographer from GQ to call.

These men were definitely not workaholics or in-betweens.  No, these were men with a balance.  Some chatted with their friends, some chatted up the girls and others were having a great time with their after work crew.

The second time I went was this past Thursday with my friend Madison.

If scoping out a place in ten seconds could be a superhero power, she would have earned her cape and flying abilities a long time ago.

Standing at the center table, Stoli on the rocks in hand, she replied

“You do know every guy here is gay, right?  They are either gay or with someone.”

I looked across our table and saw two men staring at each other, making it obvious they were on a date.  Sitting in booths were, indeed, groups of couples laughing and sneaking kisses that make single girls nauseated.  At the bar, the GQ men stood, flirting and laughing with equally gorgeous females.

My conclusion is the La Biblioteca is PERFECT for a date night or a girl’s night.  However, on the assumption that those GQ guys met those girls’ that night, I am going to give the advice that single girl’s should get there before happy hour starts and get a prime spot at the bar.

***La Biblioteca is located on 622 3rd Avenue  New York, NY 10017 ,


He’ll Love His Job and You’ll Love the Drinks

Often I wonder about the different tastes that each female has towards the opposite sex.  Some women want the hero, other’s want the poet and some want the guy that will chop wood for the fire right before they throw you up against the wall and have their way with you.  Along with this, I think of the different roles a woman may see herself in a future relationship.  There are women who want to be the stay at home mom, the trophy wife and the woman who has the job AND the family.

With these facts, and all the different likes and dislikes that the female gender has, do you think there are women out there that drool and dream of the workaholic?  These are the men you marry and you still end up a single mom with the ring because his job always comes first.  You’ll end up growing resentful and bitter while your daughters grow up falling for older men to gain the attention that daddy never showed.  I think of it as the “Unwilling Trophy Wife” role.  If this sounds like the role of a lifetime for you, I suggest heading down to Naples 45 by Grand Central.

First off, the place itself is convenient, the wait staff is incredibly kind and their drinks are heavenly.  If I were to stress anything about this place it would be their S’More Martini.  I would gladly get up in the morning and start my day with this drink.

Second, if you really just want a place to sit and chat with the girls about how hard your day was, go here.  Grab a bite to eat, drink your martini’s and let the day’s troubles just melt away.  Also, feel free to look around at the attractive men in suits that go there, just don’t expect a return glance.

These men, with their three-piece suits and the tie that matches the shoes, are something to marvel at.  Either their hair is cut close to their scalp due to a one hundred-dollar hair cut or their longer dreads are slicked back; making sure not one strand is out-of-place.

Men in their late 20’s stand by the bar eagerly eating up the attention of their bosses or mentors.  All attention is focused on the older man of the pack.  You can literally see the excitement in their eyes that this “worldly” gentleman has picked them out of ALL the men in the office to bestow their sacred knowledge of the business world.

They nod and agree with everything he says ,being sure to make eye contact with the Big Bossman and ONLY him.

They ignore the attractive women in the pencil length skirts and three-inch heels because being in a relationship will be deadly to a career.

These are the kind of guys that a free spirit would take on as a project because the poor money hungry moron is selling his soul to corporate America.

My advice, have your martini, chat with the girls and go home knowing that when you do find “the One”, he wont be begging for the opportunity to suck his boss off.